Teaching Resources

Whether you work in formal or informal education, or if you just want to continue your own self-education, this section was created to help you discover a series of topical outlines that include extensive compilations of videos, quotes, sources and lesson plans based on the teachings and writings of Rabbi Sacks.

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Chosen People

Explore our teaching resources to consider the concept of “chosenness” and what it means to be a “Chosen People” according to Rabbi Sacks.

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Israel: Home of Hope

Discover a new animated video, and an accompanying resource, to bring to students, created for the 75th anniversary of Israel. Listen to the tracks here.  

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Yahrzeit for Rabbi Sacks

The Community in Conversation event is a global day of learning, arranged annually in honour of Rabbi Sacks with events hosted all around the world.

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Universal vs. Particular

Discover video resources and texts to explore the themes of Universalism and Particularism in Jewish thought, and Rabbi Sacks’ ideology.

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Science and Religion

This unit contains many resources to explore the “The Great Partnership” – where science and religion peacefully coexist.

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Jewish Identity

Find resources and texts which explore the question of “Why Be Jewish?”, and the importance of understanding and embracing our Jewish identity.

community reputation


Discover our full resources and texts which explore the role of the value of Community in Jewish thought and Rabbi Sacks’ teachings.

Prayer unit2


Explore video resources and texts on Rabbi Sacks’ approach to Tefillah, as well as further quotes, ideas, and contemporary sources.

interfaith diversity religions edited


Use these resources and texts which explore Rabbi Sacks’ approach to Diversity, which he terms The Dignity of Difference.

leaders and individuals


Find resources and texts which explore the role, and value of, Leadership in Jewish thought, and from Rabbi Sacks’ perspective.

Shabbat 3


Explore videos, texts, and other resources about the day of Shabbat, from the thought of Rabbi Sacks, with additional Jewish sources included.

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Delve into videos, texts, and further resources to understand the root and core issues with Antisemitism, as explained by Rabbi Sacks.

Parents Lech Lecha 5777


In this unit you can find many sources, videos, and texts which explore the Jewish value of Family in the thought of Rabbi Sacks, and his contemporaries.

hand globe social action responsibility protecting people society


Quotes, ideas, and key points about social activism and the Jewish perspective on taking responsibility, as taught by Rabbi Sacks.

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Interfaith Dialogue

Discuss approaches to interfaith dialogue, through the thought of Rabbi Sacks, as well as the benefits of learning about other faiths.

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Find resources and texts which explore environmental ethics found within Jewish thought, and from Rabbi Sacks’ perspective.

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A series of different Shavuot and Tikkun Leil Shavuot resources developed for young students and adults respectively.

Unit 8 ISRAEL Cover copy


Discover video resources, short quotes, texts, and contemporary sources on the theme of Israel, examined through the thought of Rabbi Sacks.