Sacks Scholars

The Sacks Scholars programme brings together a talented group of educators, academics, and leaders to study and develop the teachings of Rabbi Sacks, ensuring that his messages remain relevant and accessible to future generations all over the world.

Nominations for the second cohort have now closed

The Sacks Scholars Programme:

  • ensures Rabbi Sacks’ teachings and wisdom remain a living body of work, sustained by its original messages and constantly being revitalised to reach new audiences
  • boosts the cohort’s strategic leadership, mentoring, and communication skills through sessions with an internationally renowned faculty
  • cultivates the next generation of educators and leaders worldwide, with scholars mentoring emerging leaders
  • offers mentorship to each scholar, linking them with experts in leadership, communication, and new media
rabbi sacks books bookshelf holding chair smiling library study scholar yellow tie

The Sacks Scholars

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, international religious leader, philosopher, best-selling author and 2016 Templeton Prize laureate, lectures on "Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence."

The Faculty

For more information or to invite a Sacks Scholar to your school or community, please contact Rabbi Jeremy Bruce.