Family Editions

The Family Editions provide students of all ages and their families with a way to engage in discussions about the weekly Torah portions and Jewish Festivals (Chaggim).

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Covenant & Conversation:
Family Edition

This series aims to connect young people with Rabbi Sacks' ideas on the parsha. They can be used by parents, educators, groups and individuals, and are a popular addition to the Shabbat Table. Each section encourages discussion between generations, and also includes an Educational Companion, with suggested talking points in response to the key questions for each parsha.

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Ceremony & Celebration:
Family Edition

Distilling some of the key ideas from Rabbi Sacks' teachings around the chaggim, these resources are designed for kids and students of all ages, and encourage dynamic discussion around your Yom Tov table. We have created an edition for every chag (festival) in the Jewish calendar, with a stories, key facts and quizzes for younger children, as well as a section that delves more deeply into one of the special prayers of the day.