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“For the sake of humanity and the free world, the time has come for people of all faiths and none to stand together and declare: Not in God’s Name.”

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Discover articles, videos, books, commentary, and educational resources from an international faith leader, ambassador for Judaism and Jewish values, respected moral philosopher, and award-winning author.

This digital archive, which continues to expand over time as more content is unearthed and uploaded, has been developed by The Rabbi Sacks Legacy in honour of Rabbi Sacks, following his passing on 7th November 2020.



From the series of weekly commentary essays and videos on the Torah by Rabbi Sacks.


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Jewish Unity

Featuring three clips in which Rabbi Sacks discusses Jewish unity, conflict resolution, and our shared covenant and fate.

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Meet the New Sacks Scholars

Introducing the second outstanding cohort of Sacks Scholars about to embark on their programme.

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Rabbi Sacks in Ir David

Watch this newly-released video of Rabbi Sacks during an historic visit to Jerusalem in 2014.

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Not in God's Name

“Abraham himself,” writes Rabbi Sacks, “sought to be a blessing to others regardless of their faith. That idea, ignored for many of the intervening centuries, remains the simplest definition of Abrahamic faith. It is not our task to conquer or convert the world or enforce uniformity of belief. It is our task to be a blessing to the world. The use of religion for political ends is not righteousness but idolatry… To invoke God to justify violence against the innocent is not an act of sanctity but of sacrilege.”

Here is an eloquent call for people of goodwill from all faiths and none to stand together, confront the religious extremism that threatens to destroy us, and declare: Not in God’s Name.


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Ten Paths to God

With 10 unit on Judaism and Jewish identity based on traditional sources and the original teachings of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, this curriculum has been developed as a resource for parents, communities, and anyone involved in Jewish education. A powerful way to delve deeper into Jewish Thought.

From the Archive

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A Prayer for Peace in Israel

This prayer was originally composed by Rabbi Sacks during the Second Intifada, and communities first recited it in 2000.


The Sacks Conversation 2023

A prestigious panel of faith leaders at Carnegie Hall, New York, led the third annual Sacks Conversation.

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A Tribute from the King

HM King Charles shares a tribute to Rabbi Sacks, shortly after his untimely passing.

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Read a selection of the tributes, statements, articles and obituaries published in the aftermath of Rabbi Sacks' passing.

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Personal Reflections

Read a selection of personal reflections and stories about individuals' interactions with Rabbi Sacks, or submit your own.