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Join Rabbi Sacks’ WhatsApp or Telegram groups entitled “Celebrating Life” to receive his weekly Covenant & Conversation parsha commentaries, together with other new updates and content ahead of, and during, the chaggim.

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You only need to join one group as the content will be the same across all the groups.


These WhatsApp groups are a way for individuals and multiple people around the world to receive messages and voice notes directly to their phone or other mobile device. Please note that each group contains maximum 257 phone numbers, and if you join one of our groups, your phone number (and any other personal information that you have set up with your profile, such as a profile picture and a profile name) will be visible to the other group members. You should not join our WhatsApp group if you have concerns about your mobile number, profile picture or profile name being available to other members.

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In addition to WhatsApp, we will also be sharing these same daily messages on the Telegram Messenger App.

Alternative method: search for 'Celebrating Life' in your Telegram app and join the group from there.