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Join Rabbi Sacks’ WhatsApp or Telegram groups entitled “Celebrating Life” to receive his weekly Covenant & Conversation parsha commentaries, together with other new updates and content ahead of, and during, the chaggim.

Please note you only need to join ONE group as the content will be the same on all the groups.


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In addition to WhatsApp, we will also be sharing these same daily messages on the Telegram Messenger App. If you prefer this mode of communication, please click here or search for ‘Celebrating Life’ in your Telegram app, and join the group.




If you have missed some of the previous daily messages, or if you would just like to share them or listen/read them again, please see below:

CLICK HERE: For the archive of past audio and written messages

CLICK HERE:  For the archive of images and featured quotes 


(Please note that this archive is not an exhaustive list of all the messages. Rabbi Sacks sometimes records voice-notes and new ideas for WhatsApp listeners without a script and we are not always able to transcribe and release a written version of these to accompany the recordings.)