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Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt"l was a giant of his time, indeed of any time, widely acclaimed as one of the leading Torah scholars of his generation and an unrivalled ambassador for the Jewish people. His was a Judaism of inclusivity, openness, authenticity, and depth.

Yet Rabbi Sacks wasn't just a towering scholar in the Jewish world. His light shone far beyond. His gifts as a thinker, broadcaster, philosopher, religious leader, and public intellectual offered a very rare combination, one that set him apart in Britain and the world.

As both an orator and writer, he had that rare ability of being able to make sense of a confusing world and of communicating the most complex ideas in clear and engaging ways, to a wide-ranging and diverse audience.

The author of 37 books, his knowledge was as vast as it was deep. As the recipient of 18 honorary doctorates together with prestigious awards such as The Templeton Prize, Rabbi Sacks' perspective was widely respected because it was rooted in his faith and in ethics. He was a moral voice to the world, to many people of different faiths and of none. His life's work was, in his words, "to bring the world that is closer to the world that ought to be."

After his untimely passing in November 2020, The Rabbi Sacks Legacy was established to perpetuate and promote Rabbi Sacks' teachings and ideas so they can inspire and illuminate the world for generations to come.

The Legacy aims to inspire people across society to connect more deeply to their faith and to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world. There is a huge amount to do and a remarkable legacy to perpetuate and grow. You can learn more about our digital impact, our teams, and our key areas of work by visit the About Us page.

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