Communities in Conversation

With learning resources from the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Yahrzeit community events, we invite educators and learning groups to select the theme which most speaks to them.

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This unit explores the idea of community within Judaism. What strengthens and supports a community? With excerpts, quotes, and discussion questions, it delves into Rabbi Sacks' belief in the fundamental importance of community.



This resource delves into many aspects of the Jewish family, from our biblical forefathers, to marriage, parents, grandparents and siblings, we will learn of the impact of family Jewish history and civilisation, as well as encourage discussions on family values today.



This unit guides us through Israel as a biblical promise from God to the forefathers, as the land of hope, and through its full significance today. With videos, discussion points, and even some ancient prophecies to discuss, through the perspective of Rabbi Sacks.

jewish identity

Jewish Identity

"A Letter in the Scroll..." This unit explores the notion of Jewish identity, both individually and nationally, using texts from Rabbi Sacks to develop an understanding of this important theme.

science and religion

Religion and Science

"Scientific knowledge doesn't contradict religious belief..." This unit focuses on explaining the coexistence of these two truths, despite their apparent contradictions.

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From Optimism to Hope

"Optimism is all very well, but it takes courage to hope..." This unit explores the Jewish idea of hope, with insights based on Biblical sources and the modern experience.

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The Home We Build Together

"A nation is built by building..." This unit focuses on importance of uniting our diverse by fragmented society, as a community, a nation and a planet.

May the soul of Rabbi Sacks be elevated in merit of the learning we will do in his memory.