Jewish Year 5780 (2019-2020)

Originally written in 2019-2020, the 5780 Covenant & Conversation essays include an examination of faith, and conclude with a statement of belief for every parsha. This was the final series of C&C essays written by Rabbi Sacks. In his introductory essay he explains that "we don’t merely read the Torah. We bring to it our time, our lives, our most attentive listening, and our deepest existential commitments. My own beliefs have been formed in that ongoing conversation with the biblical text that is part of the Jewish mind and the Jewish week. Which is why, to emphasise this personal engagement, I’ve decided to call this year’s series of Covenant & Conversation, ‘I Believe,’ as a way of saying, this is how I have come to see the world, having listened as attentively as I can to the Torah and its message for me in the 'here-and-now.'" This collection of essays was later published by Koren, and titled I Believe.