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The Politics of Hope

For the past fifty years the view has prevailed, shared by politicians on the left and the right, that society is sustained by two institution, the market and government, the homes, respectively, of individual and the state. This has led to the breakdown of third sector institutions like the family and the community, places where we find identity, meaning, security and trust.

In The Politics of Hope Jonathan Sacks proposes a new understanding of society, based on covenant as well as contract. This, he argues, creates a new politics of responsibility in which families, neighbourhoods, communities, voluntary organisations and religious groups all have a part to play. How, he asks, do we move from social breakdown to the politics of hope?


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“His book offers not only a superb frame for debate, but an opening contribution that is – as befits the man – at one deep-thinking, humane, learned and also immensely readable.” – Gordon Brown

“What Dr Sacks means by ‘the politics of hope’ is a prophetic, not an apocalyptic or despairing, view of society… a rich and eloquent book… deserves to become a key text.” – The Times

“Jonathan Sacks has provided us with a political philosophy for the age. Profound and humane, his analysis of the dangers of libertarian individualism offers the foundation for a new social and political settlement based on true liberal values.” – Melanie Phillips

“Full of fresh insights, rich in ideas and sparkling with felicities.” – The Guardian