Dr. Miriam Feldmann Kaye

Sacks Scholar

SS Miriam Feldmann Kaye

Dr. Miriam Feldmann Kaye is Senior Lecturer in the Department for Jewish Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University. A graduate of the Universities of Cambridge, London and Haifa, Miriam is the Academic Editor of the Judaism section of the St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology. Her fields of thought, teaching and research are: Modern Continental Philosophy of Religion, Jewish Theology in the modern and postmodern periods, Ethics, Biblical Interpretation, Interreligious Theology and the Study of Religions.

Miriam previously co-founded and directed the Faith and Belief Forum Middle East, a dialogue project in Israel dedicated to developing relations between faith communities in partnership with the Hebrew University and the Truman Research Institute for the Development of Peace and Reconciliation. Miriam’s publications include her book Jewish Theology for a Postmodern Age (LUP & Littman Library of Jewish Civilization). She was included in the Jewish News’ Aliyah 100 list recognising those who have made a significant contribution to the State of Israel.