Rabbi Michael Laitner

Sacks Scholar

SS Michael Laitner

Rabbi Michael Laitner is Director of Education for the United Synagogue (UK), and Head of Research at The Rabbi Sacks Legacy. He has served in rabbinic positions at South Hampstead and Finchley (Kinloss) Synagogues, as one of the Tribe rabbis, and is a qualified solicitor.

In his role at The Rabbi Sacks Legacy, Rabbi Laitner is researching Rabbi Sacks’ archives and assisting with research for the authorised biography of Rabbi Sacks. He is also among those preparing community and school educational programmes based primarily on Rabbi Sacks and the Community We Built Together, which he co-edited. Rabbi Laitner is also the co-editor of the From Exile to Redemption machzor (Koren Publishers) which contains contributions from Rabbi Sacks.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Rabbi Laitner delivered a series of shiurim in the Torat Rabbi Sacks series which were broadcast online.