Rabbi Isaac Sitt

Sacks Scholar

SSC2 0004 Sitt Rabbi Isaac Headshot 1

Rabbi Isaac Sitt leads Colegio Or Hajayim (Or HaChaim School) in Mexico City with over a decade of experience in Jewish education. He also serves as the youth rabbi in the local community, imparting teachings from Rabbi Sacks, Rabbi Hirsch, and Rabbi Soloveitchick, while also leading a Chosen Mishpat Kollel.

Rabbi Sitt holds a BA in psychology from Mexico National University and a Master's in education from Yeshiva University. He is completing his doctoral dissertation on religion and spirituality, and has penned three books in Spanish focusing on philosophical explorations of Torah values, inner self-improvement during Ellul, and essays on the weekly Torah portion.

Rabbi Sitt resides in Mexico City with his wife and five children.