In Re’eh, Moses turns from the general principles of the covenant to the specific details, prefacing them with a warning of the choice that lies before them: blessings if they are faithful to God’s laws, curses if they are not. They are to proclaim these to the nation, on Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal, when they enter the land. They must destroy all traces of idolatry, and establish a central site that God will choose where they will worship, offer sacrifices, and eat consecrated food.

Moses then issues further warnings about idolatry, false prophets, clean and unclean animals, tithes, and the Sabbatical year, when debts are to be cancelled and Hebrew slaves set free.

The parsha concludes with the laws of the three pilgrimage festivals when the nation is to celebrate and the men “appear before the Lord” at the central place of worship.

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