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Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren?

Jewish Continuity and How to Achieve it

The Jewish people, having survived for thousands of years in the most adverse circumstances, including the Holocaust, is today threatened by intermarriage and assimilation. Jewish communities throughout the diaspora are experiencing demographic decline. Why has this happened, and can anything be done to reverse the trend?

The particular challenge facing Jews today is how Jewish identity may be sustained in an open, secular society. The greatest danger is failure to recognise that times have changed and that, in consequence, communal priorities need to change also.

In his first book since becoming Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks issues an inspiring summons to collective action to counteract the prevailing trend and hand on the age-old faith and traditions to a new generation.

Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren? is a powerful study of Jewish continuity: why it matters, how it was achieved in the past, and how it can be created in the future. It suggests an answer to the question that will increasingly dominate the agenda of contemporary Jewry.

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