Little Books of Big Questions
A five-part series

Publication Date: September 1, 2007

This five-part series of mini booklets is all available to download for free. It was created in 2007, following a discussion with student leaders, who were troubled by many of the typical questions plaguing young people today. These booklets are a way of sharing the conversation, the questions and answers, and the ideas discussed on that day.

To be a student is to undertake a journey of discovery. To be a student in the early twenty-first century, with all its challenges, is a responsibility. To be a Jewish student, now is these things and more. It means writing the next chapter in the story of our people, a story forty centuries old, that in the twentieth century reached some of its greatest depths and greatest heights. It was as a student that I began my Jewish journey of discovery, as I hope you will begin yours. Our future depends on your involvement. Get involved. You will gain even more than you give.

Produced in partnership with the Union of Jewish Students (UJS). Supported by UJIA and the Office of the Chief Rabbi.