Prayer for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee

June 1, 2002
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On Shabbat 21st Sivan 5762 (1st June 2002), parshat Beha'alotecha, Jewish communities around the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth recited this special prayer in their synagogues. It was written and shared by Rabbi Sacks, in his role as Chief Rabbi, in honour of the Queen's fifty years of reign.

A Prayer for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee

Lord of the Universe,
We come before You today in prayer and gratitude,
For the gracious goodness You have bestowed on our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth.
Her crown is honour and majesty; her sceptre, law and morality, equality and freedom.
Her concern has been for welfare, freedom and unity, and in the lands of her dominion she has sustained justice and liberty for all races, tongues and creeds.

Fifty years have passed since Her Majesty, the Queen, ascended the throne. Together with all our fellow citizens we fervently pray that she be granted many more years of blessing, so that she may continue to bring honour and glory to the Crown and to all her people.

Heavenly Father, continue to bestow Your blessings on Her Majesty the Queen, on Prince Philip, the Prince of Wales, and all the Royal Family, and prolong their years in health and strength.
Grant wisdom and understanding to the leaders and counsellors of the realm so that they and we may walk together in the paths of unity, freedom, and brotherhood.

May a new spirit inspire the nations of the world so that we may live together in righteousness and peace, and may the day dawn when Your Presence will be manifest to all the dwellers on earth.

In this year of joyful remembrance and celebration, we express our deepest sentiments of loyalty, esteem, and gratitude. We pray for the peace and prosperity of Britain, for the wellbeing of the House of Israel, and for the redemption of all humankind under the sovereignty of God.

May this, our prayer, be Your will, speedily in our days.

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