Rabbi Michael Laitner

Head of Research

michael laitner 1

Rabbi Michael Laitner is Head of Research at The Rabbi Sacks Legacy and also serves as Director of Education for the United Synagogue (UK). He has held rabbinic roles at South Hampstead and Finchley (Kinloss) Synagogues. He is also a qualified solicitor and a member of the inaugural cohort of Sacks Scholars.

Rabbi Laitner is dedicated to researching Rabbi Sacks’ extensive archives, providing invaluable support in the research efforts for the authorised biography of Rabbi Sacks. He is involved in the development of community and school educational programmes, with a primary focus on “Rabbi Sacks and the Community We Built Together,” which he co-edited. Rabbi Laitner also serves as the co-editor of the “From Exile to Redemption” machzor published by Koren, featuring contributions from Rabbi Sacks.

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