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“Cultural Climate Change” – Rabbi Sacks at The Chautauqua Institution


On 13th July 2017, Rabbi Sacks delivered a keynote address at The Chautauqua Institution in New York state. In his speech he spoke about a concept he calls “cultural climate change” and the impact this has had on “three master narratives of the West”: (1) the secularisation thesis; (2) the Westernisation thesis; and (3) the accommodation thesis.

“We are going through one of the most profound revolutions in all of human history … and I sum it up with a single phrase: cultural climate change… Just as literal climate change breaks down old patterns and radically changes weather conditions, this new cultural climate change is causing a series of storms in the West that will upend conventional notions of faith and the role religion plays in society.”

Read the full article as published in The Chautauquan Daily, including a detailed summary of the lecture, here.


Watch a 7 minute clip of the lecture, by clicking here.