“Tomorrow’s world is born in what we teach our children today.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Tomorrow’s world is born in what we teach our children today.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Post-Truth and the Erosion of Trust

A couple of weeks ago, three excellent and interesting books came out in the same week with the same title First was 'Post Truth' by Matthew D'ancona​ The second one was 'Post Truth' by James Ball The third was 'Post Truth' by Evan Davis​ They are all responses to the Oxford English Dictionary's decision to choose the word 'post truth' as their word for 2017 and the dangerous and growing... Read more

The Challenge of Cultural Climate Change

I recently re-read Yuval Noah Harari​’s bestselling book ‘Sapiens’ and finished reading Douglas Murray’s (from the The Henry Jackson Society​) new, … Read more

EXTRACT: Numbers: The Wilderness Years

The following is an extract from Rabbi Sacks’ new book Numbers: The Wilderness Years, the fourth and penultimate book in … Read more

Covenant & Conversation

A Lesson in Conflict Resolution (Korach 5777)

The Korach rebellion was the single most dangerous challenge to Moses’ leadership during the forty years that he led the … Read more

Freedom Needs Patience (Shelach Lecha 5777)

Whose idea was it to send the spies? According to this week’s sedra, it was God. The Lord said to Moses, … Read more

Leadership Beyond Despair (Beha’alotecha 5777)

Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, is remarkable for the extreme realism with which it portrays human character. Its heroes are not … Read more

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“The love that brings new life into the world” – Rabbi Sacks on the institution of marriage

On Monday 17th November 2014, Rabbi Sacks attended an International Colloquium on “The Complementarity of Man and Woman” convened by … Read more

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Pesach is where the past does not die but lives, in the chapter we write in our own story and in the story we tell our children.
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