“We should feel enlarged by the people who are different.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“We should feel enlarged by the people who are different.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


The team is bigger than the players; the game is bigger than the team (Thought for the Day)

Houses of worship tend to be rather empty today So if the proverbial anthropologist from Mars came down to earth now and asked, ‘Where do the crowds congregate to see the great human drama symbolically enacted’ I think you’d have to say: a football stadium That’s where a ritual is performed, where masses of people feel the collective effervescence that French sociologist Emil Durkheim... Read more

Unit 6 on 'The Way of Chessed: Love as Compassion' is now available to download!

Overview In this sixth unit the mitzvah of chessed will be explored in the thought of Rabbi Sacks. While tzedakah is giving with … Read more

Watch Rabbi Sacks' keynote speech at Bar-Ilan University on 'The Contemporary Task of Judaism'

On 7th June 2018, Rabbi Sacks delivered a keynote lecture at Bar-Ilan University entitled “The Contemporary Task of Judaism’”.

Covenant & Conversation

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A People that Dwells Alone (Balak 5778)

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Israel 70: The Everlasting Symbol

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Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace.
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