“The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Watch Rabbi Sacks' Pesach message about 'The Story We Tell'

When you read the Pesach story, you come across something so remarkable and counterintuitive, which has an important lesson for us today On behalf of Elaine and myself, together with our office team, we wish you and your families a Chag Kasher... Read more

Here is a little Pesach present from our office...

As a small Yom Tov gift from our office, and thanks to our good friends at Koren Publishers, please click … Read more

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“Time is not a series of moments traced on the face of a watch, always moving yet always the same. … Read more

Covenant & Conversation

Thinking Fast and Slow (Acharei Mot 5779)

  If we put together recent discoveries in neuroscience with Midrashic tradition we may be able to shed new light … Read more

The Power of Speech (Metzora 5779)

As we saw in Parshat Tazria, the Sages identify tzara’at – the condition that affects human skin, the fabric of … Read more

Family Edition

C&C Family Edition: The Power of Speech (Metzora 5779)

METZORA: THE POWER OF SPEECH Covenant & Conversation: Family Edition is a new and exciting initiative from The Office of … Read more

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    “We can face any future without fear so long as we know that we won’t face it alone.”

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    Rabbi Sacks on 'The Home We Build Together'

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    Antisemitism, or any hate, become dangerous when three things happen (Rabbi Sacks speaks in the House of Lords)


True greatness is showing respect to the people other people don't notice. The people who show respect win respect.

The Sacks Haggadah

The Missing Fifth – An extract from Rabbi Sacks’ Haggada

Many commentators, among them the Vilna Gaon, have drawn attention to the influence of the number four in connection with … Read more

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