“Where tzedakah is a gift or loan of money, hessed is the gift of the person.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Where tzedakah is a gift or loan of money, hessed is the gift of the person.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks



Being an Inspiring Parent

Please join Rabbi Sacks as he looks at some of the ways we can be inspiring parents and really kindle the flame in our children Over the next few weeks, thirteen short videos will be uploaded here and on our Facebook page (wwwfacebookcom/rabbisacks) We hope you will learn, as Rabbi Sacks did, from thinking about this #InspiredParenting Being an Inspiring Parent - Trailer Principle 1:... Read more

The Danger of Outsourcing Morality

Prepared Remarks Beloved friends, The news that I had won this prize almost rendered me speechless, an event that would … Read more


The Promise and Perils of Religion in the 21st Century

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks delivered the Templeton Prize lecture at the Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion and … Read more

Covenant & Conversation


God’s Nudge (Mishpatim 5777)

First in Yitro there were the Aseret Hadibrot, the “ten utterances” or general principles. Now in Mishpatim come the details. … Read more

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Justice or Peace? (Yitro 5777)

The sedra of Yitro, which contains the account of the greatest Divine revelation in history, at Mount Sinai, begins on … Read more

red sea splitting

The Power of Ruach (Beshalach 5777)

In September 2010, BBC, Reuters and other news agencies reported on a sensational scientific discovery. Researchers at US National Center … Read more

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    Rabbi Sacks on Israel




Rabbi Sacks at The National Prayer Breakfast

In February 2017, Rabbi Sacks delivered two keynote addresses as part of The National Prayer Breakfast gathering in Washington D.C.. … Read more

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The old anti-Semitism, a product of nineteenth-century European romantic nationalism, is not the same as the new, however old the recycled myths. You cannot fight hate transmitted by the Internet in the way you could fight hate that belonged to the public culture.
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