“Good leaders create followers. Great leaders create leaders.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Good leaders create followers. Great leaders create leaders.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


'The Politics of Hope' - Watch my new whiteboard animation video

In this new series of six whiteboard animation videos to be published online during the coming year, Rabbi Sacks takes a look at some of the key challenges facing our global society today Each seeks to use some of key ideas contained in much of Rabbi Sacks writings over the past 30 years, but present these ideas in a dynamic and engaging way Learn more about the series here In this first... Read more

The Greatness of Being Jewish

Last week at the Olami Summit in London, together with Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister for Diaspora Affairs, I had the honour … Read more

Five Ideas for Life

I spend a lot of time with young people — pupils about to leave school, students at university and graduates … Read more

Covenant & Conversation

The Longer, Shorter Road (Beshalach 5778)

At the end of his new book, Tribe of Mentors, Timothy Ferris cites the following poem by Portia Nelson. It’s … Read more

The Story We Tell (Bo 5778)

It remains one of the most counterintuitive passages in all of religious literature. Moses is addressing the Israelites just days … Read more

Freewill: Use It or Lose It (Va’era 5778)

In parshat Va’era we read for the first time, not of Pharaoh hardening his heart but of God doing so: … Read more

  • The world our children will inherit tomorrow is born in the schools we build today (House of Lords)

  • Rabbi Sacks receives The Irving Kristol Award from the American Enterprise Institute

  • Why I am a Jew



Erasmus Lecture: On Creative Minorities

On Monday 21st October 2013, Rabbi Lord Sacks delivered the twenty-sixth Erasmus Lecture in New York. Hosted by First Things (www.firstthings.com), … Read more

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