“Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace. ”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace. ”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Choose not to be a bystander but to confront racism head on

A few days ago, two Jewish children were sitting with their parents in a train on the London Underground when a man came up to them and for almost twenty minutes harangued them with antisemitic abuse Someone intervened but was threatened with violence Then a young woman confronted the man, and calmly told him what he was doing was wrong This distracted him and saved the day It was a heroic... Read more

Being honest to others is the best way of being honest to ourselves

This morning a ComRes survey for the BBC was published into “What We Think is Right and Wrong” in Britain … Read more

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Laban the Aramean (Vayetse 5780)

Download the accompanying Family Edition here!   The events narrated in this week’s parsha – Jacob’s flight to Laban, his … Read more

Isaac and Esau (Toldot 5780)

Download the accompanying Family Edition here! It’s a haunting question. Why did Isaac love Esau? The verse says so explicitly: … Read more

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Laban the Aramean – Vayetse 5780, Family Edition

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    Is Our Most Famous Prayer a Prayer?

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    Rabbi Sacks in conversation with John Anderson, former Deputy PM of Australia

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    “We can face any future without fear so long as we know that we won’t face it alone.”


Every time we harm someone, that harm rebounds on us and others.

Morality in the 21st Century

‘Morality in the 21st Century’ – Listen to Rabbi Sacks’ BBC Radio series

Earlier this year, Rabbi Sacks explored the issue of morality in the 21st century as part of a series of … Read more

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