“Every time we harm someone, that harm rebounds on us and others.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Every time we harm someone, that harm rebounds on us and others.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


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The Two Voices: A news perspective on the meaning of Teshuvah

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Covenant & Conversation

A Nation of Storytellers (Ki Tavo 5779)

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Animal Welfare (Ki Teitse 5779)

Ki Teitse is about relationships: between men and women, parents and children, employers and employees, lenders and borrowers. Strikingly, though, … Read more

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C&C Family Edition: A Nation of Storytellers (Ki Tavo 5779)

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    “We can face any future without fear so long as we know that we won’t face it alone.”

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    "Today's politicians are too political" - Rabbi Sacks on BBC Newsnight

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    Rabbi Sacks on 'The Home We Build Together'


Good leaders create followers. Great leaders create leaders.

Morality in the 21st Century

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