“Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace. ”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace. ”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


The Stewardship Paradigm: A Thought for Tu B'Shevat

Few texts have had a deeper influence on Western civilisation than the first chapter of Genesis, with its momentous vision of the universe coming into being as the work of God Set against the grandeur of the narrative, what stands out is the smallness yet uniqueness of humans, vulnerable but also undeniably set apart from all other beings The words of the Psalmist echo the wonder and... Read more

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Earlier this year, Rabbi Sacks explored the issue of morality in the 21st century as part of a series of … Read more

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The Divided Sea: Natural or Supernatural? (Beshalach 5779)

  The splitting of the Reed Sea is engraved in Jewish memory. We recite it daily during the morning service, … Read more

Against Their Gods (Bo 5779)

The ninth plague – darkness – comes shrouded in a darkness of its own. What is this plague doing here? … Read more

The God Who Acts in History (Vaera 5779)

  The Israelites were at their lowest ebb. They had been enslaved. A decree had been issued that every male … Read more

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Rabbi Sacks on ‘The Home We Build Together’

“How do you sustain a cohesive society in the midst of unprecedented religious and ethnic diversity? How, in an age … Read more

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