“The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


NEW VIDEO SERIES: Understanding Prayer: Heart, Mind and Soul

As we approach Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, join Rabbi Sacks in a series of ten short videos to learn what prayer really is and how it can change your life To read the transcripts for these videos, please click here Below is an embedded playlist featuring all ten videos You can select a different video from the series by clicking on the menu item in the top left-hand corner of the video Each... Read more

Confusing Satan - A Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur shiur

To mark the launch of ‘Ceremony and Celebration: An Introduction to the Holidays’ (published by Maggid Books), Rabbi Sacks delivered … Read more

The Challenge of Jewish Repentance

The Ten Days of Repentance are the holy of holies of Jewish time. They begin this Wednesday evening with Rosh Hashanah, … Read more

Covenant & Conversation

Moses the Man (Ha’azinu 5778)

  That very day the Lord spoke to Moses, “Go up this mountain of the Abarim, Mount Nebo, which is … Read more

Why Be Jewish? (Nitzavim-Vayelech 5777)

  In the last days of his life Moses renews the covenant between God and Israel. The entire book of … Read more

Covenant & Conversation (Ki Tavo 5777)

In two sentences in this week’s sedra, the Torah summarises the entire relationship between God and the people of Israel: … Read more

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The Centenary of the Balfour Declaration (House of Lords)

On 5th July 2017, Rabbi Lord Sacks participated in a House of Lords debate on the centenary of the Balfour … Read more

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