“Tomorrow’s world is born in what we teach our children today.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Tomorrow’s world is born in what we teach our children today.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


The Torah of Kindness and Truth: A Shavuot shiur

Coming up to Shavuot, I would like to look at one tiny detail of the rabbinical understanding of Z'man Matan Torahteinu, the actual event of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai One little detail which, as it were, was lying there in the tradition and only in much more recent times has it had significant impact So I think this is an interesting dimension of the understanding of the event, and... Read more

What Jerusalem means to me

As we approach Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) on the 23rd / 24th May, and the 50th anniversary of the reunification … Read more

EXTRACT: Numbers: The Wilderness Years

The following is an extract from Rabbi Sacks’ new book Numbers: The Wilderness Years, the fourth and penultimate book in … Read more

Covenant & Conversation

The Pursuit of Peace (Naso 5777)

The parsha of Naso seems, on the face of it, to be a heterogeneous collection of utterly unrelated items. First … Read more

The Ever-Repeated Story (Bamidbar 5777)

Bamidbar takes up the story as we left it toward the end of Shemot. The people had journeyed from Egypt … Read more

Minority Rights (Behar & Bechukotai 5777)

One of the most striking features of the Torah is its emphasis on love of, and vigilance toward, the ger, the … Read more

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“The love that brings new life into the world” – Rabbi Sacks on the institution of marriage

On Monday 17th November 2014, Rabbi Sacks attended an International Colloquium on “The Complementarity of Man and Woman” convened by … Read more

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Pesach is the story of the defeat of probability by the force of possibility. It defines what it is to be a Jew: a living symbol of hope.
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