“Can we see the trace of God in the face of a stranger?”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Can we see the trace of God in the face of a stranger?”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Things Judaism Has Taught Me About Life

  Wisdom is free, yet it is also the most expensive thing there is, for we tend acquire it through failure or disappointment or grief That is why we try to share our wisdom, so that others will not have to pay the price for it that we paid These are some of the things Judaism has taught me about life, and I share them with you This video was produced in partnership... Read more

Watch Rabbi Sacks' whiteboard animation videos

Please find all the whiteboard animation videos we have released to date below. These have covered the following topics:   … Read more

Watch Rabbi Sacks' speech at the European Parliament on Antisemitism

Below is a transcript of a speech by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at “The Future of the Jewish Communities in Europe” … Read more

Covenant & Conversation

A Stiff-Necked People (Ki Tissa 5779)

  Download the accompanying Family Edition here. It is a moment of the very highest drama. The Israelites, a mere … Read more

Brothers: A Drama in Five Acts (Tetzaveh 5779)

It is interesting to note the absence of Moses from the parsha of Tetzaveh. For once Moses, the hero, the … Read more

Family Edition

C&C Family Edition: A Stiff-Necked People (Ki Tissa 5779)

KI TISSA: A STIFF-NECKED PEOPLE Covenant & Conversation: Family Edition is a new and exciting initiative from The Office of … Read more

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    "Cultural Climate Change" - Rabbi Sacks at The Chautauqua Institution

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    Rabbi Sacks on 'The Great Partnership'

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    'The Will to Life' - Speech to the 2013 AIPAC Policy Conference


The good we do live on in others and it is the most important things that does.

Rabbi Sacks @ TED

“We can face any future without fear so long as we know that we won’t face it alone.”

On 24th April 2017, Rabbi Sacks spoke at TED2017 in Vancouver, Canada. The theme of the talk was “The Future … Read more

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