“Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace. ”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace. ”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks speaks at TED2017 - The Future You, April 24-28, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

Rabbi Sacks speaks at TED2017

On 24th April 2017, Rabbi Sacks spoke at TED2017 in Vancouver, Canada The theme of the talk was "The Future You" Describing the talk as "electrifying", below is a short summary that was posted on the TED Blog here A video of the talk should be posted on the TEDcom website in due course “These are the times that try men’s souls, and they’re trying ours now,” begins Rabbi Lord... Read more

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Covenant & Conversation


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It is not our task to conquer or convert the world or enforce uniformity or belief. It is our task to be a blessing to the world.
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