“Good leaders create followers. Great leaders create leaders.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“Good leaders create followers. Great leaders create leaders.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Rabbi Sacks to present BBC Radio 4 series on 'Morality in the 21st Century'

Radio 4 will explore morality in the 21st century with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who presents a series of five programmes examining this topic in early September Over the daily episodes Rabbi Sacks and a host of expert contributors will explore topics that include ideas around moral responsibility and who still has it; the impact of social media on young people; Artificial Intelligence and... Read more

NEW: Unit 8 on 'The Way of Israel: The Jewish Land' is now available to download!

Overview In this eighth unit we will explore the role of the Land of Israel in Rabbi Sacks’ thought and … Read more

We must use God's gifts to lessen the suffering of humankind (Thought for the Day)

I couldn’t help but notice the headline in yesterday’s paper: “Losing your religion can be seriously good for your wealth.” … Read more

Covenant & Conversation

To Lead is to Serve (Shoftim 5778)

Our parsha talks about monarchy: “When you enter the land that the Lord your God is giving you, and have … Read more

On Not Being a Victim (Re’eh 5778)

Making a series of programmes for the BBC on morality in the twenty-first century, I felt I had to travel … Read more

Listen, Really Listen (Eikev 5778)

Some 20 or so years ago, with the help from the Ashdown Foundation, I initiated a conference at the Hebrew … Read more

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The Contemporary Task of Judaism

On 7th June 2018, Rabbi Sacks delivered a keynote lecture at Bar-Ilan University entitled “The Contemporary Task of Judaism’”.

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Wars are won by weapons but it takes ideas to win a peace.
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