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To encourage students to bring to life Rabbi Sacks’ ideas about how to create a thriving society, The Rabbi Sacks Legacy is currently holding a contest for students, challenging them to translate the knowledge they've gained through our Yahrzeit learning resources into real-world action.

Please visit the official Schools page for more information on the Rabbi Sacks zt"l Global Day of Learning in Schools, including access to all of the new Yahrzeit learning resources.


Each student winner will get a copy of Rabbi Sacks' book, “A Letter in the Scroll”, (known in the UK as "Radical Then, Radical Now" and their school will receive a copy of Covenant & Conversation Family Edition, our new two-volume set of weekly parsha insights from Rabbi Sacks, in book form.

Winning submissions may be posted on The Rabbi Sacks Legacy website.


Submissions are due by November 13, 2023.

We welcome schools from around the world who are participating in the Global Day of Learning to submit short (1 minute) videos, audio files, and photos of artwork of their students' completed projects.

Please include the name of your school, as well as the name of the students in each group, when submitting an entry.

Each group of elementary students participating should not exceed 3 people.

Further Details

For more information, please see the Schools page with all the learning resources included.

Your contact, should you have any additional questions, is [email protected].

May the soul of Rabbi Sacks be elevated in merit of the learning we will do in his memory.