Technology offers a call to each of us

Please feel welcome to send us your feedback

In February 2017 Rabbi Sacks recorded this message to announce our new website. Now in 2022 we have expanded the digital archives even further, and we hope you will find new treasures to discover. Watch the video to hear Rabbi Sacks discuss the importance of utilising technology, and his request for your feedback on the site. We still welcome this feedback today as we continue to develop and expand the website, so please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you.

I think you know by now my view that every development in information technology is Hashem knocking on the door of the Jewish People, "Kol dodi dofek", saying: use this technology, "lehagdil dorah u'le'haddirah" to broaden and widen the great conversation of Torah, which is the Jewish people in conversation with the terms of its destiny. And our website, of course, has been absolutely key to that. And we've just revamped it! I hope you are going to enjoy it. So, click on the link, go into the website, you'll find all of the Covenant & Conversations, lots of speeches, lots of this and that. So, enjoy, and if you can, let us know what you think! Many thanks.