Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: Continuing his Legacy

ממשיכים בדרכו | אירוע לזכר הרב זקס | ישיבת טפחות

ראש ישיבת ההסדר טפחות - הרב אייל גריינר. לצפייה בכל העדכונים האחרונים כנסו ל: http://www.yht.org.il/

Hosted by Sivan Rahav Meir, this online memorial event featured a message from President Reuven Rivlin and interactive learning with Rabbi Daniel Epstein.

It contains both English and Hebrew sections (please also note, the Hebrew sections have English subtitles).

The event was organised by UJIA and Netiv Tfachot (one of the UJIA-supported projects in Israel).