From Freedom to Responsibility

A Shiur for Pesach

To mark the launch of the Koren Sacks Pesach Machzor, the Chief Rabbi delivered a keynote shiur entitled “From Freedom to Responsibility”.

"...By one of the deftest pieces of divine providence I've ever come across, Elaine and I happened to be in Buenos Aires the day they elected the Pope. And therefore I need publicly to deny the rumour that I went there because I heard there was going to be a vacancy. But it was good to see three wonderful successions, but yours, Rabbi Mirvis, is the very best. Secondly, may I give my thanks to Matthew Miller, publisher extraordinaire, who is really doing the most remarkable things. I don't know if you've seen what's been happening with Koren and Maggid these last few years. It really is transforming the entire library of Jewish thought and Jewish writings, modern texts, and classical ones..."