A Judaism Engaged with the World

In his final message before stepping down after more than two decades in office, Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks recounts his personal journey of discovery and faith.

Through a compelling analysis of recent Jewish history, ‘A Judaism Engaged with the World’ warns that a Judaism divorced from society will be a Judaism unable to influence society or inspire young Jews.

Calling Judaism “the voice of hope in the conversation of humankind”, Rabbi Sacks argues that in the twenty-first century, Jews will need the world, and the world will need the Jews. What we need, he reasons, is a Judaism unafraid to engage with the intellectual, ethical, political and personal challenges of our time.

As one chapter in his own life comes to a close, Rabbi Sacks invites you to join him in his mission to inspire a new generation of Jewish leaders with the confidence to address the challenges that face Jews, Judaism and Israel today.