Rabbi Yehuda Udi Dvorkin

Torah v’Chochmah Faculty

Udi Dvorkin headshot

Rabbi Yehuda Udi Dvorkin is a highly respected scholar and educator committed to advancing Jewish education and fostering community. He is a member of Herzog Global at Herzog College, where he mentors teachers in Machshava and develops innovative curricula.

As a founding member and school Rabbi at Mamad Arnona, he emphasises religious education and collective stewardship of Jewish identity. Rabbi Dvorkin also leads high school programming at Yeshivat Siach Yitzchak, where he taught Nach and Machshava and currently edits the writings of Rav Yair Dreifuss. He is the founder of Mechdshey Kedem, a non-profit organisation promoting the connection between Jews of different denominations globally, and he is also a published scholar and a Ph.D. student at Hebrew University. His research interests span Cultural Property, Indigenous Studies, Jewish History, and Jewish Philosophy. Rabbi Dvorkin's career in education and rabbinical roles has taken him around the world, from Holland and Germany to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. Despite his travels, he now resides just 500 meters from his childhood home. His global perspective allows him to understand the diverse needs and interests of Jewish communities worldwide.