Sacks Scholars Selection Process

Jonny Lipczer leads Sacks Scholars Israel Retreat session 2023

The Sacks Scholars programme brings together a talented group of educators, academics, and leaders to study and develop the teachings of Rabbi Sacks, ensuring that his messages remain relevant and accessible to future generations all over the world.

The programme launches with a one-week retreat in Israel during which the Scholars create strong connections with each other, learn from respected thinkers, and begin to be mentored to advance professional goals. Each Scholar will identify and initiate a project that will further the ideas and work of Rabbi Sacks. Moving online over the course of the year, the programme guides Scholars through their projects, while offering them the support of colleagues also working on addressing contemporary issues using the powerful teachings of Rabbi Sacks.

Learn more about the first Sacks Scholars cohort and faculty here.

Our second cohort of Sacks Scholars will have 15-18 participants, and will launch in the summer of 2024. We anticipate a large number of nominations, and regret that not everyone will be accepted for this cohort.

This is a fully-funded programme and stipends are not provided to Scholars for their participation.

Please note that we will not consider any candidates who are self-nominated or nominated by a family member (e.g., parent, child, sibling, or spouse). Only one nomination per candidate will be accepted.

In the first part of the recruitment process, a Jewish communal leader or colleague will nominate a candidate for the programme who has the following qualities:

  • Ideally, candidates will have had some connection with Rabbi Sacks, The Rabbi Sacks Legacy, or Rabbi Sacks’ work. Candidates should have integrated Rabbi Sacks’ writings and ideas in a significant way in their own professional work.
  • Candidates have a significant communal role as a rabbi, rebbetzin, teacher, community professional or lay leader.
  • Candidates align with the religious values of Rabbi Sacks.
  • Candidates demonstrate humility, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and an ability to be life-long learners. They are innovative and self-driven.
  • Candidates have an outstanding reputation that enables them to represent and perpetuate Rabbi Sacks’ legacy.
  • Scholars will be required to attend the Summer Retreat in Israel, which is planned to take place from June 25-30, 2024.
  • Scholars will attend the 10 ninety-minute online sessions held on a Sunday once a month from September – June. (Approximate times are 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 4 pm Israel and South Africa / 11pm Australia). Scholars will be required to attend all 10 online sessions.
  • Scholars will commit to designing and implementing a Tochnit HaRav Sacks project. These projects are intended to serve as practical applications of Rabbi Sacks' Torah that can perpetuate his legacy by deepening connections with a broad range of audiences. (Further details about these projects will be provided at the beginning of the programme). Projects will be completed by December 2025.
  • Scholars will work with a faculty member and/or external mentor as they design and implement their Tochnit HaRav Sacks projects.
  • Scholars will commit to promote and contribute to The Rabbi Sacks Legacy programmes.
  • On the completion of the programme, Scholars agree to join the Sacks Scholars Alumni Fellowship to partner with previous and future cohorts to promote the legacy of Rabbi Sacks.
  • Following the Summer Retreat, Scholars can expect to dedicate up to approximately four hours a month to the programme

Please note, details are subject to change and Scholars will be notified of any changes well in advance.

For further information, please contact Rabbi Jeremy Bruce.