The Lessons of the Holocaust

“It would be good to be able to say we no longer need to remember, but it is not so. In many parts of the world, the politics of hate still thrive. It is always easier to avoid real problems by blaming someone else. It is never true but, as a tactic, it rarely fails. Nations without freedom, human rights or accountable government, riddled with poverty, disease and illiteracy, continue to blame some outside factor or conspiracy, and so the tragedy continues. Hate destroys the hated, but it destroys the hater even more.”

“The lessons of the Holocaust are simple to understand, however hard they are to live. Never blame others for your troubles. A society is as large as the space it makes for the stranger. Cherish life. Fight for the rights of others.”

“The Holocaust stands as the eternal symbol of what happens when we forget.”

'Holocaust Survivors Can Remember Without Hating', published in The Daily Telegraph on 27 January 2005