Sabbath as an Antidote

“The Sabbath is a focused one-day-a-week antidote to the market mindset. It is dedicated to the things that have a value but not a price. It is the supremely non-market day. We can’t sell or buy. We can’t work or pay others to work for us. It’s a day when we celebrate relationships. Husbands sing a song of praise to their wives. Parents bless their children. We take time to have a meal together with family and friends. In the synagogue we renew our sense of community. People share their joys – a new child, a bar or bat mitzvah, an engagement, a forthcoming wedding – with others. The bereaved find comfort for their grief. We study the Bible together, reminding ourselves of the story of which we are a part. We pray together, thanking God for our blessings.”

Morality, Chapter 7, p. 116