Peace and Strength

“When Jews began to rebuild their home in Israel, they had to do things they hadn’t done for centuries. They had to cultivate land that had never been cultivated before, from the rocky hills of the Galil to the desert wastes of the Negev. On barren lands they made farms, in desolate landscapes they built villages.”

“They had to integrate wave after wave of olim, new arrivals from across the globe. They had to build a society and create the political and economic infrastructure of a nation.”

“And in some ways the most remarkable of all: they made the decision to revive Hebrew, the language of the Bible, and turn it, after more than two thousand years, into a living tongue again.”

“Though Israel has had to fight many wars, from the very beginning it sought peace. The Hebrew language has two words for strength: koach and gevurah. Koach is the strength you need to win a war. Gevurah is the courage you need to make peace. Israel has shown both kinds of strength. But peace is a duet not a solo. It cannot be made by one side alone. If it could, it would have been made long ago.”

Israel – Home of Hope CD