Divine Intelligence

“Life is linguistic. ‘And God said, Let there be … and there was.’ The Jewish mystics held that all life was the result of different permutations of the letters of God’s name. To be sure, this is mere metaphor. It is poetry, not science. But it is nonetheless remarkable that life has a structure no one expected prior to Crick’s and Watson’s discovery of DNA. It has hardware and software. The cell is an information-processing system. Was this even conceivable before the invention of the computer?…That life is both intelligent and linguistic breathes new fire into the idea that the Source of life is both intelligent and a user of language, and that nature, no less than the Bible, is not a machine to be disassembled but a book to be decoded. It took the discovery of artificial intelligence to give us an insight into Divine intelligence.”

The Great Partnership, Chapter 11, p. 189