A Right to Israel

“Judaism – twice as old as Christianity, three times as old as Islam – was the call to Abraham’s descendants to create a society of freedom, justice, and compassion under the sovereignty of God. A society involves a land, a home, somewhere where the ‘children of Israel’ form the majority, and can thus create a culture, an economy, a political system in accordance with their values. That land was, and is, Israel.”

“The Jewish connection to Israel is older by far than that of any other civilisation to a place. It goes back four thousand years to the first recorded syllables of Jewish time, God’s command to Abraham: ‘Leave your land, your birthplace, and your father’s house and go to the land that I will show you’ (Exodus 12:1). Seven times God promised Abraham the land, and repeated that promise to Isaac and Jacob. If any nation on earth has a right to any land – a right based on history, attachment, and long association – then the Jewish people has a right to Israel.”

Israel: In Search of Peace, Little Book of Questions