The Family Edition Series Returns

October 5, 2022
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Rabbi Sacks' vision for the Covenant & Conversation Family Edition encompasses more than knowledge transfer. It is an invitation to engage in meaningful conversations that transcend generations, a conduit for shared growth. As Rabbi Sacks proclaimed, "There is nothing more beautiful or life-affirming than learning Torah with your children." By allowing the next generation to listen, debate, engage, and contribute to weekly discussions on the Torah portion, families can create an environment of mutual growth and secure the enduring future of Judaism.

Embracing a Legacy

In the echo of Rabbi Sacks' teachings, the Covenant & Conversation: Family Edition returns for the new cycle of Torah readings for the Jewish year of 5783. The revamped series aims to continue the conversation with the next generation, by inviting a range of scholars and educators who shared a close connection with Rabbi Sacks to contribute to the series. We will featuring one new voice each week, beginning with Gila Sacks who will share her ideas on her father's teachings for parshat Bereishit. We hope that this will further illuminate the ideas of Rabbi Sacks and encourage others to continue these conversations with the next generation, as we share the stories and ideas of Rabbi Sacks scholars.

What We Can Expect From the New Series

We will continue to include an abridged version of the main weekly essay, adapted for younger students, and related discussion questions for the “Around the Shabbat Table“. In addition the guest contributors will be invited to share a story with the readers on a related theme, and to answer questions that delve into their own insights on the main essay of the week. A new section will also feature Torah Trivia, with a riddle or trivia question each week to engage advanced thinkers in learning more about the weekly parsha.

This series marries tradition with modernity, forging a bridge between generations. As families gather around the Shabbat table, they embark on a journey of exploration, fostering connections that bind them to their heritage and to each other. With Rabbi Sacks' legacy as the guiding light, the Covenant & Conversation Family Edition ignites a flame of learning that illuminates the path ahead. Subscribe to our WhatsApp and Email Mailing Lists to receive these weekly insights directly, or visit our webpage regularly to view the newest updates and to be among the first to read the fresh new insights.