Gila Sacks addresses Sefaria’s 10th Anniversary Gala

Published 6 March 2024
gila 1

The 10th anniversary of Sefaria was marked by a gala event at the New York Public Library. The evening featured Gila Sacks, Rabbi Sacks’ youngest daughter.

“Sefaria has built the modern luchot [tablets] — opening up the world of Jewish learning to everyone, helping to make genuinely universal Jewish literacy a true possibility, perhaps for the first time in modern times,” Gila said.

Sara Wolkenfeld, Chief Learning Officer at Sefaria, said: “[Rabbi Sacks] really believed in digital Torah to carry Torah into the 21st century. I was present to hear him speak about that, and so it was very powerful for me to hear Gila speak.”

sefaria 10th anniversary gala