Sacks Scholars Programme Announced

February 13, 2023
Sacks Scholars thumbnail poster first cohort

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy is proud to announce the launch of the Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Scholars programme, a premier Jewish educational and leadership initiative. The programme’s inaugural cohort will bring together 27 of the world’s most promising and talented Jewish academics and educators, each with a personal connection to Rabbi Sacks. The cohort represents a diverse range of countries, including Israel, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK, and the US.

The programme will be an immersive experience, enabling participants to delve deep into Rabbi Sacks’ teachings and develop their skills to better share his message with wider audiences. It will kick off with a retreat in Jerusalem, where participants will have the opportunity to connect with top-level, Israel-based leaders and form relationships with one another.

The programme embodies the values and qualities of Rabbi Sacks and will provide a transformative experience for participants. The curriculum will include regular online seminars taught by world-renowned Jewish leaders in education, academia, politics, and media, as well as personalised mentorship in leadership development, communication, and new media.

Rabbi Sacks’ philosophy, that “leadership at its highest transforms those who exercise and those who are influenced by it,” and that “the great leaders make people better, kinder, nobler than they otherwise would be,” will guide the programme. Each scholar will work on a project to bring Rabbi Sacks’ thought to new audiences and communities worldwide.

“Rabbi Sacks was a master communicator who, amongst many other distinguished achievements, had the gifted ability to distil complex Jewish concepts into understandable insights for people of all ages and backgrounds,” says Joanna Benarroch, Chief Executive of The Rabbi Sacks Legacy. “His timeless messages continue to inspire and guide communities of faith and society as a whole. This programme will extend his legacy by empowering his students around the world to share his philosophy with future generations.”