Rabbi Sacks’ Avatar to Teach Israeli Students Through the Metaverse

September 13, 2023

In a groundbreaking fusion of tradition and technology, the teachings of Rabbi Sacks will soon be shared through an innovative avatar of the former Chief Rabbi. Nearly three years since his passing, the AMIT network of schools have unveiled an ambitious initiative to integrate Rabbi Sacks’ wisdom into their curriculum, harnessing the metaverse platform that resonates with today’s youth.

The novel curriculum will immerse students in a virtual realm where they navigate as avatars, delving deep into Rabbi Sacks’ teachings. Guided by a virtual representation of Rabbi Sacks himself, speaking in fluent Hebrew with a subtle British accent, students will receive invaluable lessons, guidance, and tasks. The realisation of Rabbi Sacks’ digital avatar is made possible through a strategic partnership with Inpris, a startup company.

Elad Bar Shalom, the head of Torat Chaim within the AMIT network, expressed his enthusiasm for this pioneering endeavour: “Incorporating Rabbi Sacks’ teachings through the Metaverse is our way of harmonising age-old wisdom with modern technological advancements. Rabbi Sacks addressed timeless questions about Jewish identity and our mission. Through this platform, we hope students can deeply connect with these teachings in an engaging, modern context.”

Dr. Amnon Eldar, CEO of AMIT, also emphasised the importance of this transformative project. “Rabbi Sacks represented the epitome of a Jewish role model. By integrating his teachings with advanced technology, we’re bringing his wisdom to the fingertips of a new generation.”

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy is playing a pivotal role in realising this initiative. Dr. Daniel Rose, our Director of Education, commented: “Rabbi Sacks had a vision of disseminating Torah principles through innovative methods. This project brilliantly encapsulates education, Zionism, and state-of-the-art technology, perfectly aligning with his enduring ideals.”

In the coming months, students will delve into Rabbi Sacks’ core teachings, exploring topics such as Jewish identity, gratitude in prayer, and the purpose of life. Interactive activities, including the exploration of transient joy versus enduring happiness, have been meticulously crafted to enrich the learning experience.