Plans revealed for new Jonathan Sacks Institute in Israeli University

September 14, 2023
Lady Elaine Sacks launches campaign for Rabbi Sacks Institute at bar ilan

Plans for a new educational institute honouring Rabbi Sacks were announced last Thursday at an exclusive event organised by the British Friends of Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Hosted by cookery author Annabel Karmel MBE, special guest speakers included award-winning writer Howard Jacobson, and Lord Jonathan Kestenbaum. Chairing the discussion was Prof. Jonathan Rynhold who shared plans to open the Jonathan Sacks Institute at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, next year.

Howard Jacobson was a close friend of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l and, during the evening, he recounted the many conversations they had together on a whole host of different topics.

Lord Jonathan Kestenbaum worked with Rabbi Sacks between 1991-96 as Executive Director of the Office of the Chief Rabbi. They went on to become lifelong friends.

Prof. Jonathan Rynhold asked both guests what made Rabbi Sacks so unique – as a rabbi, academic, and politician – and what impact he made on UK society and international relations. All agreed, Rabbi Sacks’ wisdom and values were needed today more than ever, especially in Israel.

Prof Rynhold then announced the plans for the Jonathan Sacks Institute in Israel. Opening at Bar-Ilan University next year, the Institute aims to bring together students, researchers, and academics from different faiths, backgrounds, and countries to learn from, and be inspired by, the life and works of Rabbi Sacks.

Lady Elaine Sacks encouraged everyone to support the new Jonathan Sacks Institute, saying:

“I am deeply moved that Bar-Ilan University is establishing an institute that will bear my husband’s name. He was passionate about bridging the gap between traditional Jewish thought and contemporary societal issues, and this institute will continue that legacy. I am grateful to Bar-Ilan University for providing a platform for Rabbi Sacks’ teachings in Israel, which will continue to inspire future generations.”

The British Friends of Bar-Ilan University have now launched a UK campaign to raise support for The Jonathan Sacks Institute.