'The Power of Ideas' published

October 11, 2021
the power of ideas

From his appointment as Chief Rabbi in 1991, through to his death in November 2020, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks made an incalculable contribution not just to the religious life of the Jewish community but to the national conversation - and increasingly to the global community - on issues of faith, ethics and morality.

Commemorating the first anniversary of his death, this new volume called The Power of Ideas: Words of Faith and Wisdom brings together a compelling selection of Jonathan Sacks' BBC Radio Thought for the Day broadcasts, Credo columns from The Times, and a range of articles published in the world's most respected newspapers, along with some of his House of Lords speeches and keynote lectures.

First heard and read in many different contexts, this collection of pieces demonstrates with striking coherence the developing power of Sacks' ideas on faith and philosophy alike. In each instance he brings to bear deep insights into the immediate situation at the time - and yet it is as if we hear him speaking to us afresh, giving us new strength to face the challenges and complexities of today's world.

These words of faith and wisdom shine as a beacon of enduring light in an increasingly conflicted cultural climate, and prove the timeless nature and continued relevance of Jonathan Sacks' thought and teachings, and the power of his ideas.

The Power of Ideas: Words of Faith and Wisdom is being published by Hodder Faith on 11th October 2021 and includes a foreword from HRH The Prince of Wales in which he writes:

"As an avid reader and follower of his work, I am therefore delighted to see the publication of these broadcasts, articles, speeches and lectures by Rabbi Sacks. Although this volume represents a mere fragment of his contributions during his lifetime, it demonstrates, once again, Rabbi Sacks’ unique capacity for interpreting the present and predicting the future through a profound understanding of the past. Rich in learning and rooted in humility, this collection includes the lightness of touch, inclusive approach and elegant wit that Rabbi Sacks was so renowned for... My sincere wish is that through his writings and the work of The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust, Rabbi Sacks’ voice of wisdom and hope will continue to illuminate, inform and inspire our world for generations to come."