New Rabbi Sacks Digital Archive Launches

March 8, 2022
computer digital archive new website

Coinciding with what would have been Rabbi Sacks’ 74th birthday on 8 March, a new website has been launched, developed by The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust.

After his untimely passing in November 2020, The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust was established to perpetuate and promote Rabbi Sacks’ teachings and ideas so they can inspire and illuminate the world for generations to come.

The new digital archive has been populated with over 3,000 individual pages of content, including speeches, articles, quotes, Torah commentaries, videos, and audio recordings of Rabbi Sacks. Since the new website soft-launched at the end of January 2022, over 60,000 searches have taken place in the new archive section. This will continue to expand over time as more archival content is uncovered and further educational resources are created and uploaded.

Sections on the website allow visitors to explore Rabbi Sacks’ life and impact, books and audio, Torah teachings, and thoughts on morality and ethics. An extensive series of educational resources will help bring Rabbi Sacks’ teachings into the informal and formal education arenas.

Jonny Lipczer, Director of Communications at The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust, said: “This new digital archive will further the Trust’s mission of perpetuating the timeless and universal wisdom of Rabbi Sacks as a teacher of Torah, a moral voice, and a leader of leaders. Using cutting-edge technology, the website allows users to search through thousands of essays, recordings, and resources, helping them to connect to Rabbi Sacks’ teachings. We’ve already received encouraging feedback, with educators describing the platform as ‘game-changing’. Our hope is that, as the site continues to expand, it will become an enduring source of inspiration and meaning.”

To mark the launch of the website, a newly animated video on Being Jewish, accompanying a recording of Rabbi Sacks from 2010, has been released.

Editor's Note: 9th May 2022, the website now has over 4,000 pages of content, but 3,000 was the correct number of individual webpages when the website was officially launched on 8th March 2022.