Lockdown University host a week-long series of conversations

October 12, 2021
lockdown university

Lockdown University, in partnership with The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust, co-hosted a week-long series of conversations with a range of people influenced by Rabbi Sacks' thinking. The series was run to mark the first yahrzeit since his passing.

For the opening session, Lockdown University screened the inaugural Sacks Conversation with the Rt Hon Tony Blair and Matthew d'Ancona, which you can watch here.

The other sessions that made up the week-long series can be viewed below.

Sivan Rahav-Meir: Reflections on my Relationship with Rabbi Sacks

Professor Ronald Heifetz: Leadership and Adaptability

Trudy Gold: Moral Courage in Extremism: Janusz Korczak

Ed Husain: Rabbi Sacks' Legacy: A Teacher to the Muslim World

Former Ambassador Daniel Taub: Rabbi Sacks and the Home of Hope

Gidi Grinstein: Otherness: The Cornerstone of Jewish Leadership in Humanity

Professor David Peimer and Judge Dennis Davis: Music Meets Modern Orthodoxy: A Tribute to Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks