Launch of the “Dare to Lead” curriculum

January 22, 2024
alan sacks reading the quote projected on screen during dare to lead curriculum

“One of the most important tasks of a leader is to encourage leadership in others.”

Rabbi Sacks

The Masa Leadership & Impact Center and The Rabbi Sacks Legacy have launched the “Dare to Lead” curriculum. It was piloted in Israel with gap year students from Atlanta, thanks to the support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

Developed by Sarah Peters Mali and Maya Bernstein, “Dare to Lead” integrates Torah texts and insights with leadership concepts and skills. It offers a way to connect Rabbi Sacks’ profound and enduring ideas to a practical approach to leadership.

During the closing session, Alan Sacks answered the students’ questions about his brother, Rabbi Sacks. He left the group with a message of leadership that he learned from his brother’s teachings.

masa course with alan sacks
atlanta group at the dare to lead curriculum