Eight New Chanukah Videos

December 16, 2022
chanukah video thumbnail image

Ahead of Chanukah 2022, the Rabbi Sacks Legacy released a newly enhanced series of Chanukah insights.

The eight short videos, with their accompanying transcripts, were originally written and filmed by Rabbi Sacks a number of years ago. Now digitally remastered, with new, on-screen graphics, they are ideal for use in educational settings, short enough for a Dvar Torah at candle-lighting, and powerful enough to spark further group discussion, either among students or families.

An additional benefit is that they line up perfectly with the eight educational resources of the Chanukah Family Edition pieces which were originally developed in 2020. These resources take the transcripts of the videos, and expand the teachings and ideas for students to discuss, develop deeper understandings of the ideas, and engage in related activities and stories.

Watch the full video series here, or select them one-by-one using the list below:

  1. Inspired by Faith, We Can Change the World
  2. The Third Miracle
  3. Inside / Outside
  4. The First Clash of Civilisations
  5. Chanukah in Our Time
  6. The Light of War and the Light of Peace
  7. The Light of the Spirit Never Dies
  8. To Light Another Light