The Chaggim Family Edition: Now Available in Book Form

December 14, 2023
ceremony and celebration hagim chaggim book cover volume koren festivals

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy is delighted to announce the release of Ceremony & Celebration Family Edition, a new volume designed to enhance intergenerational discussions on the weekly Torah reading. Published by Koren Jerusalem, we hope it will become an invaluable companion for parents, families, and educators.

For Rabbi Sacks zt”l, the primary institution of education in the life of a Jewish child is the family. The Ceremony & Celebration Family Edition is a series of resources for parents, families, and educators to enhance intergenerational conversations surrounding the Jewish festivals. For each festival there is a rich array of ideas written by Rabbi Sacks and adapted for families to discuss around their table on the festival or in preparation for it.

Now in book form, with stunning design and full colour photographs, it features one chapter for every Jewish festival, expertly adapted by Rabbi Dr. Daniel Rose and the Rabbi Sacks team, to promote deeper understanding of the pivotal dates in the Hebrew calendar, and to encourage lively family table conversations around Rabbi Sacks’ timeless ideas.

Educational elements featured include:

  • The Chag in a Nutshell: Summarising the true essence of the festival.
  • A Deep Dive into the Tefillot of the Day: One prayer selected for each festival, to expand upon the words and their meaning.
  • Engaging Stories: Delve into narratives that captivate both young and old, making the festivals a shared adventure with new perspectives.
  • Activities: Fun facts, quizzes, and other games presented to engage and entertain younger and older students alike.
  • Reflection Questions: Thought-provoking questions for discussion to encourage meaningful conversations around each chag.
  • Educational Companions: Guides for parents and educators to utilise when leading the discussion around the reflection questions for every chapter.

This new volume of Ceremony & Celebration Family Edition is available to purchase online or via every excellent Jewish bookstore.