Ascending the Balcony Seminar in Israel

January 3, 2024
Rabbi Sacks seminar in Israel photo

“Judaism is the revolutionary moment at which humanity refuses to accept the world that is.”

Rabbi Sacks

In the wake of the October 7 attacks, fundamental questions about Jewish identity have been confronted, and the war has awakened extraordinary energies in Israeli society and in the Jewish people worldwide.

In response to these pivotal moments, The Rabbi Sacks Legacy, Gesher, and the Maimonides Fund organised a seminar titled “Ascending the Balcony” for 28 school principals and directors of the Meitarim network, a school system that integrates religiously diverse students.

Educators engaged in lectures, text-study sessions, and workshops, with Rabbi Sacks’ Torah serving as a guiding light. Stepping away from their usual roles, these leaders gained perspective and explored ways to navigate these challenging times using a Jewish toolbox. It was a day of reflection and growth, aimed at upgrading their leadership practices in the face of uncertainty.

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conference presentation 2