A free weekly course offered by LSJS

December 22, 2021
LSJS Covenant continuity poster spring summer

Lecturers of the highest quality, both local and international, are scheduled to deliver shiurim which will develop Rabbi Sacks' ideas on each parsha in Sefer Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim, and they will distill key ideas in his approach to Chumash.

This new course, offered by the London School of Jewish Studies, is open to all, available online, worldwide, and free of charge. It has been titled 'Covenant & Continuity', a clear nod to the original, world-famous 'Covenant & Conversation' series developed by Rabbi Sacks.

Speakers delivering weekly sessions through LSJS include, among others, Gila Sacks, Rabbi Aviad Tabory, Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, Michelle Sint, Rabbi Michael Pollak, Joanne Greenaway, Rabbi Joe Wolfson, Rabbi Alex Israel, Rabbi Dr Sam Lebens, and Dr Shaina Trapedo, and each speaker will offer personal interpretations of Rabbi Sacks' weekly shiur, while staying true to the integrity of his original words.

Although the course is free, sessions must be booked in advance for those who wish to attend and receive a link. Book online at www.lsjs.ac.uk/bookings/, or call LSJS on 020 8203 6427.

The course has been generously sponsored. To find out how you can sponsor a week, please contact [email protected].

LSJS COVENANT and continuity course booking poster