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‘Morality in the 21st Century’ – Listen to Rabbi Sacks’ BBC Radio series

Earlier this year, Rabbi Sacks explored the issue of morality in the 21st century as part of a series of five programmes on BBC Radio 4.

Over the daily episodes, Rabbi Sacks and a host of expert contributors explored topics that included ideas around moral responsibility and who still has it; the impact of social media on young people; Artificial Intelligence and the future of humanity; the impact of individualism and multiculturalism on communities and who young people see as their moral role models.

In each episode Rabbi Sacks also spoke to groups of young people between 16 and 18 years old, who provided commentary on the discussions and shared their insights into their moral, social and political outlook, and examined with them what the implications of their opinions might be.

Contributors to the series included: American philanthropist Melinda Gates; Jordan Peterson, the Canadian clinical psychologist; Noreena Hertz, English economist and broadcaster; Steven Pinker, cognitive psychologist, linguist and author; Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology and author; David Brooks, author and political and cultural commentator; Michael Sandel, political philosopher; Mustafa Suleyman, British artificial intelligence entrepeneur; Nick Bostrom, philosopher; Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist; Robert Putnam, American political scientist and Heather Templeton-Dill, president of The John Templeton Foundation.

To listen to the five programmes, together with a series of extended interviews with all the contributors, please click on the image below.