Global Partnership Community

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Global Partnership Community (GPC)

Find out more about the GPC, and learn how to join the network

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks speaks at TED2017 - The Future You, April 24-28, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Ryan Lash / TED

“The stronger the bonds of community, the more powerful the force of trust, and the more we can achieve together.

- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

About the GPC

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy perpetuates the timeless and universal wisdom of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks as a teacher of Torah, a leader of leaders, and a moral voice.

We are thrilled to have launched the Global Partnership Community, designed to cultivate a vibrant partner network of schools, synagogues and educational/community organisations who share our mission to learn and share Rabbi Sacks’ Torah. By joining the GPC, you become part of a global effort to perpetuate the values and vision of Rabbi Sacks.

Benefits of Joining the GPC

As a member of the GPC, you will have access to an array of resources and opportunities tailored to help you make a significant impact in your community. Our programming includes:

  • Quarterly Newsletters: Receive the best of Rabbi Sacks' resources, just one email every three months, with valuable insights and inspiration specifically geared to educators, relevant for the upcoming months.
  • Online Events: Participate in exclusive training sessions, workshops, lectures, and resource-sharing events led by top Sacks Scholars and individuals closely connected to Rabbi Sacks. 
  • Networking: Get to know the communities that converge in a shared dedication to the dissemination and exploration of Rabbi Sacks' teachings through networking opportunities and project highlights.

Join Us

By joining the GPC, you will gain access to enriching resources and events and become part of a global community dedicated to carrying forward the legacy of Rabbi Sacks.

If you are an educator, a representative of a synagogue, school or community organisation, we invite you to join the Rabbi Sacks Legacy Global Partnership Community. Your participation is invaluable as we work together to spread Rabbi Sacks' teachings during these pivotal times.

To join the Global Partnership Community, please contact Tali Kaplinski Tarlow, Director of Partnerships