Statement on election of Reuven Rivlin as the next President of Israel

June 10, 2014
Israel flag

Commenting on the election earlier today of Reuven Rivlin as the next President of Israel, Rabbi Sacks said:

I congratulate Reuven Rivlin on his election as the next President of the State of Israel. He is a man of deep convictions and someone who has demonstrated his commitment to the people and the land of Israel throughout his distinguished career. As he enters this new phase, I wish him blessings and best wishes on his important task.

As Shimon Peres comes to the end of his distinguished time in office, we salute the way in which he has elevated the presidency to unprecedented heights. His global statesmanship has provided Israel and the Jewish people with an or l’goyim, a light unto the nations, and I wish him all the best for the next stage in his illustrious career.