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Music and reflections for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

September 3, 2007
Shraga Weil Israel Home of Hope 2

Image: The Book of Life - by Shraga Weil (Safra Gallery, Jerusalem, 

In 2007, the Chief Rabbi recorded a series of reflections on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. These tracks are available to download for free below. Click to listen to the tracks or right-click to save.

1. Kol Nidrei (Part 1) (Sung by Shimon Craimer. Traditional - Arranged by Craimer)
2. Kol Nidrei (Part 2) (Naftali Herstik & The Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir. Traditional/Herstik - Arranged by Herstik/Goldstein/Jaffe)
3. Mocheil Avonot (Sung by Stephen Robins & Adam Willman with the Shabbaton Choir. Composed by Abras/Rosenberg/Glass - Arranged by Glass)
4. Shema Koleinu (Sung by Lionel Rosenfeld & the Shabbaton Choir. Traditional - Arranged by Glass)
5. Ki Vi Yirbu (Sung by Moshe Haschel & the Ne'imah Singers. Composed by Rosenblatt - Arranged by Goldstein)
6. U'netaneh Tokef (Sung by Naftali Herstik & the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir. Composed by Weintrob/Birenbaum - Arranged by Herstik/Goldstein)
7. Chamol Al Maasekha (Sung by Shimon Craimer. Composed by Calek - Arranged by Craimer)
8. Kaddish Titkabal (Sung by Stephen Robins & the Shabbaton Choir. Composed by Gottlieb - Arranged by Glass)
9. Keili Atah (Sung by Shlomo Gronich & the Sheba Choir. Composed & Arranged by Gronich)
The Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir is conducted by Elli Jaff. The Shabbaton Choir is conducted by Stephen Levey. The Ne'imah Singers are conducted by Marc Temerlies.

You can hear more of the The Shabbaton Choir at The Ne'imah Singers are at and Stephen Robins at

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