A Pesach present from us….

Published 15 April 2019


With thanks to our friends at Koren Publishers, we offer you the opportunity to download a bumper back of Pesach supplements including a series of short quotes from the Koren Sacks Haggadah. We hope these ideas will help to enhance both your Seder and Pesach experiences.

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This PDF contains quotes and commentaries for your Seder Night, created by Koren Publishers.

Download the Koren Sacks Pesach Companion, featuring a selection of Passover essays and book extracts from six of Rabbi Sacks’ books.

Submit your details to download a free e-book from Koren Publishers of the introduction to Rabbi Sacks’ Pesach machzor.

You may also wish to view and download our series of illustrated Pesach Short Thoughts – Quote Cards from Rabbi Sacks