Dr. Ariela Katz Gugenheim

US Board of Trustees

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Dr. Ariela Katz Gugenheim, born in Mexico City, holds a History degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, an M.A. in Modern Jewish History from Bernard Revel Graduate School at Yeshiva University, and a Ph.D. from Universidad Iberoamericana. Her research delves into the history of Jews in modern Mexico, culminating in her latest book, “Boicot,” which reconstructs the tourist boycott organized by American Jews in 1975 in response to Mexico’s vote on the UN resolution defining Zionism as racism. Her academic work has been widely published in Latin America, Israel, and the US, where she presented it at various conferences.

Inspired by her parents, Marcos a”h and Adina Katz, Ariela is deeply engaged in worthy Jewish causes across Mexico, the United States, and Israel. For over twenty-six years, she has served as Chairman of the Board at Yeshivat Emuná, the only Modern Orthodox Jewish day school in Mexico, promoting an Orthodox lifestyle alongside modern engagement. Ariela is also actively involved in the Katz Chesed Center, supporting local Jewish families with clothing, food, and furniture. She serves on the boards of Nishmat and Stern College at Yeshiva University.

Ariela is married to Dr. Elie Gugenheim, hailing from an esteemed lineage of French rabbis. Together, they hosted Rabbi Sacks in Mexico in 2018. They are blessed with five children and fourteen grandchildren.